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Sunday, March 2, 2014

A $2000 Two-Story A-Frame Cabin….

I'll soon be doing a giveaway for FREE CABIN and TINY HOUSE PLANS down the road for my "Transforming A-frame Cabin" plan set, and I'll also toss someone a set of plans for this newer cabin called "The Dart", once we finish them…. we're working on it.

If you want to check out "The Transforming A-frame Vacation Cabin" we built in Tennessee, and a few pages from the plans- head to this link…. http://www.relaxshacks.blogspot.com/2014/02/deek-david-stiles-and-joe-everson-team.html

"The Dart" is a two-level A-frame, or "Half A-Frame" cabin that can be simply, and quickly, built for around $2000. I designed this cabin, and Sean Carey laid out the plans from my initial sketches and specs. The plans look GREAT and I can't wait to share them!

Anyway, here's a video sneak peak of Phase One of building this cabin while out at the "Southern Shows" Home and Garden Expo, where I co-presented on Tiny Houses with Lloyd Kahn.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. looks cool! is that a ladder for a small sleeping loft? how can we enter the plans giveaway contest? count me in? rcon303@yahoo.com rich

  2. Jimconleyfl@gmail.com. Great plans

  3. giveaway will be announced soon…..

  4. Always amazed by the ingenuity of your plans. Please count me in the giveaway contest for the plans. crterry7@gmail.com

  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished home.monicamccarthy93@yahoo.com

  6. count me in on the contest; this looks amazing! mdsummerfield@gmail.com

  7. I'm just beginning my deep dive into tiny-house-world. Watched the video -- wondering how well that half A-frame house will stand up to high wind, torrential rain, cooooold winters. How much insulation can you stuff into that structure without pushing the humans out? If you face the roof surface into the southern sun, could you cover it in solar panels?

  8. if you had built a 4 foot wall straight up then the angle for the bathroom, you would have greatly added comfort to that area. (no wasted boards) the roof rafters would match on both sides. if you used the clear stuff at 4 foot all the way up you have no need of that window upstairs.

  9. my comment was meant for the home and garden show half A frame.

    1. I talk about many alterations in line with your ideas in the video and post. Thanks for checkin' in. Take care.

  10. Hey Deek,
    Been following you on you tube for a while now,...LOVE everything you've done!! Just bought the a-frame plans. I've been looking at all kinds of alternative housing ideas for some time now,..tiny homes have always stood out for me. I know that many of your structures are not on trailers in the same way that Jay Shafers are, but I had a question that's been bugging me,..maybe you could answer. I see a lot of trailers out there with the flip down ramps in the back. Always wondered why nobody uses those as the base for a flip down deck/porch. Is it an unbalanced weight thing, or are the drop downs made in a way that's not strong enough? Just curious. Again,..love all that you're doing. If my job and finances would have allowed I would be at the workshop in Tenn. Hope to see some vids from that. I'll be there in spirit!! Later,..Craig in Indiana.

  11. Hey Deek! I love the small footprint design of the "Dart'. Any updates or plans on this one yet?