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Friday, April 27, 2012

TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP- Building/Camping/Learning/Networking- 2012 in VERMONT...

JULY 6-9th- FOUR DAYS of Tiny House Building, Learning, Touring, and MORE!
(Photo by Bruce Bettis)
     Here's pretty much the final bill (well, unless we get crazy and add another person or two as speakers- which could very well happen!). I'm out the door in minutes for a Tumbleweed video and photo shoot in Boston, so I'll add some specific photos later of the cabins you'll stay in, the one's we'll visit, videos of the premises (the 10 acres where this will be held in Northern Vermont) and more details. Its a FOUR DAY workshop (last day isn't a mandatory monday, its more of a fun, wind-down day, with some last min building and touch up, and a field trip to a tiny house/camp compound in a neighboring town). The workshop runs from 4pm on that Friday (sign up and set-up (where you'll stay or camp), with a meet n' greet campfire dinner, some touring of the grounds, and a campfire speaking/discussion group at night, and runs until 4pm on Monday. LOTS we'll be going over- with some AMAZING guests......YES, we'll collectively be putting together a tiny cabin too!


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  2. Sounds amazing, sorry I'll miss it! Oh, here is a great site I found for anyone who recycles RV parts into their houses. I'm not affiliated with them in any way but he really knows about trouble shooting RV's.

  3. cannot make it this year, will you be having one next summer?

  4. Would love to attend but can't at this date. Any chance you will have another one this fall?

  5. I'll be out of the country during those dates bit would appreciate the opportunity to attend next time! Fall?

    Especially interested and need help to figure out best off grid living. SOLAR ... is the way to go, but I need help!!