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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FREE Tiny House Event in CT- Thursday, Feb 4th! (with a film, live art, live music....)

Yes, its a FREE event..... (and we ARE looking for one more sponsor (

So, to not only help out a great new independent gallery in the super-cool art town of Putnam, CT, AND to toss back some love/thanks for a very supportive tiny house scene, I've put together a FREE event at The Artisan Soul Gallery in Putnam, CT (run by Laura Taylor).....   FREE!!!!

(PS, we ALSO have a HANDS-ON TINY HOUSE BUILDING WORKSHOP (the Diedricksen Brothers with Mike Bedsole) that will be taking place May 13-15th) in Chattanooga, TN. We'll have sign up links and details soon, or email us at to sign up for a spot. Limited space.... 3 days- 30 hours of tiny house-related building, speakers, demos, and more.... SEE/tour tiny houses as well!

Thursday, February 4th- 6pm to 9:30

We'll have live music from Salvage-guru King Courteen (all the way from Milwaukee!)

A screening of the film "Re-Use: Because You Can't Recycle The Planet", WITH director Alex Eaves there..... 

LIVE art from:

Derek Diedricksen
Jonathan Fritz
and Benjamin Davis
(and perhaps more)

I'll be doing a book signing for my new book "Microshelters"

We have Jess and Dan Sullivan- tiny house builders/dwellers from RI

And Palo Coleman doing a Bamboo-building talk/demo

And who knows what else!

Come armed with your tiny house questions for Dan and Jess and check out this tour I shot of their tiny house in Rhode Island.....

MEGA THANKS to: the makers of Tuftex Polycarbonate Panels that I use in almost ALL my builds!


Sandra and Leo Fay from The Stoughton House Of Brews in Stoughton, MA
for backing and supporting this event!!!

Hope to see you there!!!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Massachusetts Tree House Builder's New Work (Modern Light-Up Tree Cabin!)

So as many of you know, I build a heck of a lot of tree houses (even more so than cabins and tiny houses since I'm often a one-man crew), and its something I've always been doing.... and love. I mean heck, I'm an adult who gets to make part of my living building forts, offices, and cabins in trees- what's not to love?

My book "Microshelters" features a few I've done over the past years, in addition to tiny houses, art studios, forts, backyard offices and more.... You can check that book out HERE: 

Meanwhile, here's my last tree house of THIS season, as, well, its getting a bit cold and icy out there in Massachusetts to be monkeying around up in trees.

This particular tree house build was an affordable one that worked in some salvaged from a pre-existing tree house on the site. This little cube-like, modern cabin is a mere 7' by 7' (to thereby allow 8' stock plywood sheets to overhang as its roof decking), is adult-standable on its entrance side, features a mini bunk-loft, and resides about 8' off the ground. It also has a cool little porthole window worked in (from the company "Pet-Peek"). They're about $30 on Amazon....

Initially it wasn't going to have posts, but anytime I build a tree house for clients with kids, its an extra step in safety and "just in case" precaution that I like to take. Another rule of thumb is that I usually won't build off any tree that is under 12" in diameter. The different tree house features in my "Microshelters" book drop some other tidbits and rules along the way if you ever happen to check that out.

I'll have a full video tour really soon on this one, so keep an eye out over on 

And our NEXT hands-on Workshop....

CHATTANOOGA, TN- THREE DAYS! May 13-15th, 2016

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Cheapo" 2by4 Sculpture in MA- that looks killer!

As most of you know by now, isn't JUST about tiny houses, but the site has also aimed to work in my other interests- tree houses, bizarre art, DIY projects, salvaging and flea market finds, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

So, while I was setting up a fun, collaborative cabin/clubhouse/art studio that I designed and built with my cub scout den as a learning exercise in carpentry and recycling (more on that soon- its on display at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA now), I came across this cool sculpture (above) by the entrance of the building.

I found it pretty interesting, and look closer.....

Its simply a standing array of fanned-out two by fours..... clever!
One of the two by fours (the longest) simply serves as the anchored stand for the structure too....

Well, aside from tiny house and tree house building and design, I've been heading up many art installation and renovation projects in the town of Stoughton, MA, and its budget-friendly ideas like these that really get the gears turning. 

I also have whats called "Robot Junction"- a random grove of huge wooden, scrap-material, robots in the woods of Vermont (on my 10 acre "Tiny House Summer Camp" compound), and this is something I might want to try out there down the road. 

We'll see.... So many fun little time......

Meanwhile- chock full of salvage and money saving ideas- my new book "Microshelters" is out now! Pick up a copy if you'd be so kind....

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Deek's "Tiny House Heads" recycled-material ART series.....

Something I've been working on..... (and for those interested in purchasing my art, or custom work (which I do ALL the time), I just list it by word of mouth on my facebook page ("Derek Diedricksen"- pretty lo-fi, I know!)

Tiny House Heads #2 ($95)- proceeds go towards keeping a public-display art space running in my town (which was formerly unrented/abandoned and is now loaded with window-front art and lit on timers)

ANYWAY, this is a new piece in my "Tiny House Heads" series- all on recycled/salvaged wood. This one is #2 (about 14" tall). The first one sold really quickly (thank you!- whoever you are) over at the Artisan Soul Gallery in Putnam, CT, where I have about 30 art pieces on display.... I'm planning on making a whole series of these- all different, in different colors, and maybe getting together some showing way down the road with other artists in the tiny house field..... perhaps with a tiny shelter (as art) or tiny house on display. 

We're STARTING to mix a lot of art into our TINY HOUSE BUILDING (hands-on) Workshops too- Our next is at the Fuller Craft Museum- a 3 day event. Flyer is below and up until Feb 1st, 2016, there will be a sign up banner link at the top of this blog. 

And Speaking of "The Artisan Soul Gallery" in Putnam, CT on 171 Providence St. (place is awesome)- here's a shot of Laura Taylor (the owner) in front of a wall of my art. 

Go check the place out and help a budding, mom n' pop, business. There's a kids craft center in their too and its only $5(!!!!) for a 90 minute session (all materials are included!). 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Deek's new Tiny House/Small Structure/Tree House book "Microshelters" NOW OUT!

Hey all! Sorry for the absence, but not only have I been completing a few client gigs (one, a tree house just yesterday here in MA), but I was on a 2 week book tour on the west coast in promotion of my latest offering, "Microshelters".


Thanks to those who have checked it out!

A little about it....

This book is LOADED with photos and is full-color- its also pretty eclectic in that while it showcases many tiny houses and their floors plans, it also features tree houses, backyard art studios, and even whimsical tiny structures and forts. There's a reason I gave it the title it has.

There are 2 zillion "strictly-tiny-house" books out there, so I wanted to make this one varied and eclectic, seeing as I feel that a good many tiny house ideas can be gleaned from that which isn't solely a boiler-plate definition of a tiny house. Don't worry though, there's lots in small spaces, tiny houses, and ways to approach designing them.

This book is a over double the volume of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", and took almost three years to assemble as I did things the slow, hard way. A good many of the photos in the book were taken by me in my travels, I built a large chunk of the structures you'll see, did a decent amount of the sketches in the book, and, well, of course, wrote the whole thing.

Anyway, I hope you dig it/give a chance. Its part coffee table book, part salvage idea-book, part tiny house book, part whimsical structures book, and with a whole lot more mixed in! It think its only like $13 on Amazon too, so if you find ONE idea in the book that saves you $13, never mind saving you $1000 potentially, its money well spent.

Its also features framing plan sets for 6 select structures

Also, for those who haven't checked in lately, our NEXT fully hands-on workshop is this one! We still have some room left, but not a heck of a lot....   AND we'll announce some added guest speakers and builders soon!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Deek's BROCKTON, MA Hands-On Tiny House Building Workshop 2016!

SOLD OUT!!! (Sorry!) 

We have more workshops on the way (TBA soon)- AND a very intimate Vermont Tree House Building Workshop at an artist's compound/camp in Hardwick, VT- Tuesday August, 16th, 2016- Only SIX Students will be allowed, and its $135.00. If interested, email me at newenglandrockpress at 


OUR WORKSHOPS are FULLY HANDS-ON, TAUGHT BY A DUO WHO HAVE HOSTED AND DESIGNED FOR HGTV and THE DIY NETWORK, HAVE BEEN FEATURED IN THE NY TIMES, and are SO FUN and eclectic, that we have MANY people who have attended these workshops two, three, and even FOUR times!
FEBRUARY 5-6-7, 2016 BROCKTON, MA (25 min from Boston, MA)
Well, its pretty thrilling that a museum that I hold in high esteem, and one that is gorgeous, has asked us to host a Hands-On Tiny House Building Workshop! Naturally we said YES!

This time around, we have more space than we know what to do with- ALL indoors (don't worry, you won't freeze to death!), and we'll be tackling TWO, if not THREE, tiny cabin and shelter projects- all roping in the know-how you need to build a tiny house, shed, tree house, cabin, or funktified fort!

18+ only....

EVERY workshop we've done since 2010 has sold out, so don't delay. We're limiting this one to 40 or so students- this way everyone will really be able to take part, get their hands dirty, and ACTUALLY BUILD with our multiple projects.

Better yet, one of the cabins we build will also become an art display for their museum in an incredible secluded courtyard right within the building!" target="ej_ejc" class="ec_ejc_thkbx" onClick="javascript:return EJEJC_lc(this);"><img

AND.... while we're still working on announcing our guest speakers, live demos, and more (don't worry, it'll be awesome!), We DO have the line up for Day One- Friday.


Day 1 (Friday) is the evening kick-off.....

TOUR a tiny house courtesy of Domenic Mangano from THE JAMAICA COTTAGE SHOP

A film screening of "We The Tiny People"

A book signing with myself for "Microshelters" my brand new book, followed by a QnA

A cocktail hour meet and greet with some of our builders/hosts

LIVE music by Annabel Lee

LIVE painting by Annmarie Sherrick, Carolyn Corrente, and Ellen Rolli!!!! 

A Bamboo building/joinery demo with ancient tools by Palo Coleman

And a talk from Tiny House Builder/Dweller Vera Struck ( who built her tiny house at age 65! 

And that's JUST the evening of day one.....  We'll all head to a local pub for a QnA hang afterwards too.....

    BUILDING and design! LOTS! More guest speakers, and more surprises!!!!

We'll post more soon, but people have already asked to sign up, so we figured we'd at least get the preliminary info up, and a sign up link.....

COST- The 3 day workshop taught by multiple hosts and carpenters is $399
            The ratio of builders to attendees will be approx. 1:7, which is GREAT!

Refunds- FULL refund up until 6 weeks before the event
               Afterwards (after the 6 weeks-prior point), with notice, you'll be given a rain check for a
               future workshop
               And "No shows, no notice"- no nuthin'.

ANY questions, ask away!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tiny TREE HOUSE pods for the homeless?

Hey all!

'Been WAYYYYYY too busy building, designing, traveling, and teaching workshops this year, so the blog has been "unloved" for a bit, but I'm going to try to find sometime to post little updates on what I'm doing here and there.

So, for starters..... Tiny House Summer Camp 3 (sold out) is on the horizon, and we'll be working on FOUR different projects/structures.... one of them (the smallest) being a tree house pod of sorts (lightweight and VERY inexpensive) that also might have potential as use for a small homeless shelter/sleeper (half the initial intent).

When done, it'll be able to sleep two on its floor- sleeping bag style. You can't stand in it (working one one of those too), but there will be plenty of room to stretch out, and some built-in shelving. Of course, in the case of the homeless, it probably would NOT be position in a tree, but on legs on the ground.

What is show is the INSIDE wall, which will radiate its color through the parallel clear wall. The exterior will all be natural tongue and groove (and later, plywood could be used- cheaper!)

Basically, I'm seeing lots of pods for short-stays for the homeless that are devoid of character or style, and that are too drab in color, so I'm just messing around with this as a new, very mobile, idea- yes, it could easily be pushed on wheels.

Eventually we'll have a time lapse video of the whole project as we assemble one of these in Vermont.

AND..... we've quietly announced our NEXT workshop- BELOW. A sign up link and more details will be coming soon! This event is going to be HUGE!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tiny beach house on Plum Island, MA

I couldn't help but take a few shots of this one a few weeks back when briefly visiting Plum Island, in MA. What a great little town (right near Newburyport- also amazing!).

I didn't get a chance to go inside, and its just filled with stored items now (a bit of a mess) so there are no interior shots, but the exterior alone might inspire some daydreaming!

As for "Tiny House Summer Camp 3" in Vermont- Sept 18-20- I think we have about 5 slots left, so don't slack if you're interested. We just added a few more guest speakers and builders too- three women from the field also! I'll post on that soon! Flyer is below, or click on the link in the banner at the top of the page before the date of the workshop.

Here's another one I shot aways back from Rockport, MA- yet another case where the SUV parked alongside the house is almost as big as the home itself. This one in Rockport is for rent too.... and right on "Bear Skin Neck"- a big jetty loaded with shops and funky art galleries.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A LUXURY tiny house on wheels!? And its fully off-grid capable....

Check out this little video tour I shot with Mike Bedsole of showcasing the high-end version of his work in the tiny house field. This 24' house has one of the nicer bathrooms I've ever seen, double lofts, a fully opening skylight with roof access, a great galley-style kitchen, and so much more. Mike does a great job showing and explaining EVERYTHING in this clip- enjoy!

Also, "Tiny House Summer Camp 3"- we have just a few slots left, and have added even more speakers and guests than you see on the flyer below, so if you're contemplating joining us for THREE days of HANDS-ON building, demos, designing, tiny house tours, and more, I wouldn't hesitate for long! If you see the banner on the top of this blog, it means that registration is still open.....

We just added three AWESOME women to our roster too! I'll post more on them soon!
Vera Struck- from
Jan Kenney- A tiny house dweller (in one of the VERY smallest houses on the scene!)
Goldi- all the way from CA- a kick-butt builder/designer that we've had as part of our workshops before.

As for more photos of the work from Tiny House Chattanooga.....

"Tansu"-style storage steps make way for a heck of a lot of extra storage! 

And TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP 3! new book is out real soon (or now!)

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tiny House- LARGER LOFT- check out this tiny house design approach!

Check out this little video we shot in Connecticut with the folks from

Luise and Shawn showed us their tiny house as part of our hands-on Putnam, CT Tiny House Building Workshop. Their home has a gambrel (barn-style) roof so as to maximize the loft space- and it certainly works as you'll see in this clip.

Also unique to this tiny house- TRIPLE pane windows. As we shot this they were just trying out their Kimberly Stove as well.

Enjoy! Also, our Sept 18-20th VERMONT Hands-ON Tiny House Building Workshop is filling fast. Camping, BUILDING and designing, guest speakers, demos, LIVE MUSIC, tiny house tours, and more! For more info head HERE

Gonna be fun!!! Three days, night and day, in Orleans, VT on a TEN ACRE Tiny House spread!