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Monday, June 29, 2015

Boston, MA "Tiny House Workshop"- Hands-on building w/Deek/Dustin....

ACTUALLY BUILD, HEAR FROM TINY HOUSE PROS, SEE LIVE DEMOS, TOUR A TINY HOUSE, and MORE!!! -All while helping out the town center with design, art, and funky builds! 
Hosted by Derek and Dustin Diedricksen, who have hosted/built/designed for their HGTV/DIY Network show "Tiny House Builders", as well as for other tv shows! 

JULY 25th-26th- RIGHT OUTSIDE BOSTON, MA (Stoughton, MA)

Above: Roofing at our Vermont Workshop 2014.... one of FOUR builds that weekend....

You CAN sign up for just one day- email us at if that's the case... but we recommend both days if you can make it....

We've hosted over a DOZEN workshops since 2012, so "this isn't our first rodeo".... these workshops are designed to be FUN, and for all skill levels, and with LOTS of creativity and problem-solving wrapped into them. 

So this workshop is a little different than our other ones (like the "Tiny House Summer Camp 3" event in September) in that its smaller, more intimate, and has a slightly more eclectic focus.

We'll only accept FIFTEEN students- which is VERY GOOD NEWS for you- it means you get a ton of individual attention, time to ask questions, and more time to DO n' build!

If you're not one for larger workshops in hotel conference rooms, this hands-on workshop is quite the opposite in that it will be held in Deek's personal art studio in downtown Stoughton, MA (10 miles outside Boston).

One of our spaces for the weekend- with a back courtyard as well.... 

We already have a few signed up before posting this sign-up page, so if you're considering attending, don't wait too long. This workshop is also the lowest priced one we offer. Its two full days, at $225, (or one day for $140) which is a heck of a lot more reasonable than most workshops, and ANY workshop with hands-on projects.

Above: From out recent mini-workshop in Fargo, ND


Derek "Deek" Diedricksen- Deek has designed/built and hosted for HGTV, The DIY Network, and beyond, and is the author of two tiny house-related books- "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", AND the upcoming book "Microshelters".

Palo Coleman- Bamboo joinery, scroll saw techniques, and more. Palo has spoken at many tiny ouse workshops around the US since 2011.

Above: Palo in "demo mode" at a recent CT workshop....

Chris Haynes- (who you might know from his viral tiny house tour/video on youtube). Chris has built TWO tiny houses- and legally lives in a tiny house right now. Pick his brain!

Dustin "Dr. Demolition" Diedricksen- Environmental Toxicologist who will talk about building with repurposed/salvaged materials, and his experiences with a full family in a small house....
Dustin was also part of our tv show team for HGTV's "Tiny House Builders".


TOUR A TINY HOUSE TOO! You'll see another one as well....

A modified Tumbleweed XS- one of the smallest fully functional tiny houses out there! 

AND this one.... which we built at a previous hands-on workshop! 

So don't miss out! RARELY are workshops this small and intimate!

'Hope to see you there! 


Refund Policy: PLEASE make sure your calendar is clear before signing up. As this workshop is so near, we will not offer refunds, but will VERY fairly offer you a rain check for a future small workshop if you give us notice ahead of time that you won't be making it. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Vintage Tumbleweed XS Tiny House- Tour it!

60 square foot tiny house slowly gets a make-over. This house has a tiny loft, bathroom (wet bath (shower and toilet), and a wood stove (removed in this photo).

     As I slowly begin renovating and changing up a tiny, tiny, tiny house (an altered Tumbleweed model called the "XS"- Extra Small) that I recently acquired (so that it can be toured by attendees of my July 25th-26th- Hands-on Tiny House Building/Design/Maker workshop in Stoughton, MA), I'll be posting photos here and there. This house was built by a friend of mine, Chris Haynes.

(To sign up for the workshop- CLICK HERE- info is half way down the post you'll be sent to)

Update #1 was to simply add some cushions and color to the room. Previously, the house, upon-arrival had a bare plywood couch/bed, and this left the room feeling unfinished, and not as inviting- so.... toss in a few vibrant cushions, and a bird pillow or two, and a little knick-knack here and there, and it does seems to make a decent difference.

Also, the solar light you see (they work GREAT!) is by the company "Luci"- I've bought a few of these now, and they're fantastic. We use 'em camping all the time and the give off a lot of light. I got mine on Amazon. About $14 or so- WELL WORTH IT! They're from a company called "MPOWERD".

Here's a link to check 'em out....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Weird Punk Rock Art TIME LAPSE video from DEEK ("Siamese Robot")

Not tiny house-related, but this blog does cover art, DIY projects, and repurposing, and this painting wraps all three of those things together. Many of the paints I use in this one were throw-aways from the HGTV hosting/building/designing I did for the show "Tiny House Builders". The amount of stuff that they were going to toss was insane, so me and the crew jumped at the chance to recycled as much of it as we could (but of course!).

Suffice to say, we made out like bandits!

Anyway, check out the video, and this 4' long piece IS for sale- asking $400.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tiny House Art Gallery- Weird Tiny House Art AND more from Deek....

So, those videos you see on youtube on my channel, well, A LOT of the art in the builds I create are pieces I do myself. In fact, the art studio where I do them (a revamped store front in my downtown center that I was sick of seeing empty) will be the site for a future workshop on Tiny House Building, Maker Skills, and MORE- July 25th-26th. We'll have an official sign up soon, with a link to register, but meanwhile, if interested, email us at It'll be limited to 15 attendees. MORE DETAILS HERE! 

Don't snooze on this one! Live building, a tiny house tour, guest speakers, live demos, and more!


Anyway, here's a tiny house piece (BELOW) on canvas I recently did- an abstract "tiny house village" or "Tiny house community". This one is for sale- $120.

Below I also have some other tiny house-like pieces I've done- and yes, I DO custom pieces if you're ever looking.

 Above: SOLD
ABOVE: This one, on wood, is still for sale- 3' long approx. $300

Be sure to check out my NEW book through lots of funky art and weird shelters, tiny houses, small homes, cabins, forts, and tree houses!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Monday, June 22, 2015

THE tiniest tiny house out there? THIS ONE has to be close!

So, to make a long story short, two things.....

ONE, after getting word from a friend (tiny house dweller Chris Haynes) that he was selling his tiny house (A model called the "XS"- no longer carried by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company), AND when I heard how affordable it was, I jumped at the chance and bought it. Its a mere 60 square feet in size, with a tiny loft....

I'm going to renovate it down the road, and use it for guests here and there, but mainly, I just thought it was a cool tiny, tiny, tiny house. Did I mentioned its ONLY 6' by 10'. Yes, it has a loft, but a very small one (complete with a secret hatch, and storage that I'll show you in a video down the road).

The "XS" in transit to be delivered to my place. It was moved by Bryan at they did a great job! 

This brings me to....
TWO.... (Want to see it? Want to BUILD and DESIGN with us? Want to completely revamp a downtown storefront with art and funk in one of two days we're gathering?)

One reason I purchased this, is that aside from the ongoing projects and funky cabins that people will get to see in my backyard when I do workshops, I always want to make sure people get to set foot inside a real-deal tiny house. There's no better way to get a feel for one, and its capabilities, or limitations, than to actually get your ass inside one. This one, mind you, could be one of THE SMALLEST ones out there, so it serves as a better in example in that anything you're probably planning on building will feel palatial compared to this!

SO.... (and it might be available to stay in too).....


July 25th AND July 26th, we're doing a VERY SMALL, VERY INTIMATE, VERY FUN two day workshop in my funky, weird, storefront art studio in downtown Stoughton, MA....

We'll have guest builders
A demo and talk or two, three.....
We'll work on many skill-sets while building and designing wooden art pieces, and more, for ANOTHER underutilized storefront in town.... (scroll saw work, framing, chop saws, tricks of the trade, design principals).
We'll tour a tiny house and other micro cabins

....and you'll be led by myself (Deek Diedricksen), Dustin Diedricksen (both from former HGTV shows, etc), Chris Haynes (tiny house dweller and builder), and MORE tba!

Here's the thing, this workshop is LIMITED TO ONLY 15 attendees! 

Its going to be fun, we'll ACTUALLY BE BUILDING and taking on lots of build-meets-art projects that tie into tiny house techniques.

....and we might even have a lathe demo.

There will be door prizes, tiny house trivia for prizes, AND, a bar-hop one night after the workshop.... maybe even a post-workshop/non-workshop bonfire....

Workshop is July 25th and 26th- Sat and Sunday
9 am to 6pm each day....

Plenty of places to eat nearby (most within a few hundred feet), There's the Stoughton Motel to stay in, and a Radisson nearby, and more..... and, while building, we'll be helping to infuse a community with art.

We'll have a sign-up link soon, but meanwhile, you can email me at if interested. The price of the TWO DAY course is $225

Materials, a t-shirt, snacks/coffee, and more, are included..... we'll do pizza one night too....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Oh yeah, we'll be messing with a cool new solar panel from VOLTAIC ( at this workshop too (both workshops actually!)

Monday, June 15, 2015

YOUR TINY HOUSE- why not STILL keep it simple?


Photos from (Porcupine Mountains in Michigan)
With tiny house tv shows spreading like wildfire, the media covering the subject more and more, and what with the newer 5067.8 tiny house blogs out there (forget the 430 twelve-page e-books), I've been noticing a trend in tiny housing in that the homes are getting bigger, fancier, more gadget-laden, and WAY more expensive. Television, a whole world of "you gotta wow-'em at every turn" is part of this newish direction in that networks spread, or create, a skewed vision of what is "the norm". But I feel its also due to the fact that when an idea starts going mainstream, you're going to find newly introduced folks who love tiny houses for their "cute factor", but who still yearn to squeeze the pool table and triple stack washer onto a quintuple-axle travel trailer. I call that approach "Ten gallons of shit, in a five gallon hat". It usually doesn't work so well, especially once you try it on.

I'm not knocking these houses- not fully, and not all of 'em- but I'm starting to feel that some people are losing sight of what a decent chunk of this scene's impetus is about- keeping things simple, affordable, and realistic. Or maybe I feel that some are just overlooking the fact that a simple home could work just as well for them as an over-the-top Rube-Goldberg-esque one.

I myself don't live in a "tiny" house, but a damn small one, with a family of four and one big-ass dog. I also grew up in a small home, vacationed in small cabins, camped with the boy scouts in small camp structures, and have built and designed a TON of tiny houses, art studios, backyard offices, and tree house cabins for clients, so I like to feel that I know at least a little bit about what I yammer upon. This is just opinion though- and everyone's got one.

Anyway, more and more recently, I'm internet-inundated with images of completely over-the-top tiny houses that seem more hell bent on creating something so incredibly high-end, or weird, that the viral-video or Huffington Post headline seems more so the goal, and not the livability, or cash-factor, of being in such a space. Eclecticism, IS good, mind you- I've never had a problem with it, or inventiveness, but I just feel that the media is starting to portray this movement that is often rooted in living for less, with $89k homes- hence this mini, meant-to-be fun, rant....

I was reminded of my personal love for simplicity when I stumbled across this photo (further above) from the blog This gorgeous little cabin (and I wish I had more interiors- yeah, yeah, I can foresee the complaints already) is so damn simple in its look, build, roofline, and presentation, that to me, its just friggin' great. Why try to reinvent the wheel thirteen times over when a good many who came before you probably had their crap together more than you or I? I'm not saying don't build in a secret passage from a grandfather clock up to your lofted master bedroom (that actually would be completely awesome(!), for the record), but make sure that what you employ into your design, suits you, and makes sense- that's all I ask, and really, all I'm getting at. That stobe-lit, glass unicorn prow on the front of your house might land you a few kick-ass blog stories, no doubt, but remember that you later have to live with that stupid things once its "old hat". (In all fairness, I DO build and design some bizarre things, but all of them are affordable, and serve a function (or are based on the clients request)).

Check out that lead photo though- the cabin you see doesn't have nineteen wind-dragging and leak-prone gables, its devoid of a pair of fold-down decks, and you're not going to find $35,000 of solar panels cantilevering from its roof at odd angles, nor a ergonomic hammock woven from hipster mustache trimmings, but what you do see is a cabin that will keep your ass dry, warm, and that could be built for very little money......and THAT, I'm reminded, is why I, personally, am in love with tiny structures. I'm not everybody, and better than no one (well, maybe except the cast from "Honey Boo-Boo ;) ), but that's where I'm coming from- nothing more.

That cabin- its vernacular design. No bells, whistles, or Inspector-Gadget like transforming, quadruple-use $5600 kitchen appliances (that you probably won't use anyway).

So, while some of the fancy houses (I'll freely admit) sure are cool as hell to look at, and do offer some awesome new takes on architecture, I'm simply reminding you to at least consider to KEEP SHIT SIMPLE. Its not a contest, and competing with the micro-Joneses is the last thing this scene should be about, so perhaps just relax a bit with those visions of Ewok-bridges to your fourth wine loft. Yeah, these out-there ad-ons are fun, but paying for them, and later never really utilizing 'em isn't.

Again, my lil' opinion- meant to be just fun- and of course "to each their own"

'Hope you're all well!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen's work has appeared in the NY Times, Boston Globe, China Times, and about twelve zillion other media formats. He, and his brother Dustin, were hosts of the HGTV mini-series "Tiny House Builders", and have built and designed for The DIY Network, The History Channel, and for clients and art galleries ranging from Fargo to Sydney, Australia, and everywhere in between. Deek is the author of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", and the upcoming book (Storey Press), "Microshelters".

Deek and Dustin ALSO host Hands-On Tiny House Building Workshops. Their next one: "Tiny House Summer Camp 3" in Orleans VT- THREE DAYS of building, speakers, live music, tiny house tours, collaborative building and design, and live demos. CLICK HERE for more info. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The "Blue Eagle" Has Landed- Deek's Art Studio/Tiny House Meeting Space....

"Every once in awhile ya' gotta blow a few bucks on a blue glass "booze-eagle" for your studio- just to spruce up the place...."

So, among other things (readying for the "Tiny House Summer Camp 3" workshop (Sept 18-20th- 2015) and having already hosted workshops in Connecticut, Fargo, ND, and even Sydney, Australia this year.... never mind builds in St. Louis, Burlington, VT and Massachusetts, I've ALSO been working on setting up my new art studio. This studio is not a public store, but a space for creating and messing with new ideas, AND will be the site, here and there, for a couple mini workshops down the road.

"But Deek, didn't you already have an art studio in a factory space?", you may be thinking. Yes, I did- but it was my goal all along to place some lighting, art, and fun, in an abandoned storefront in my downtown-in-need-of-help, so when the opportunity presented itself, I moved from one private space, to a public one in Stoughton, MA.

So, keep checkin' ole for updates, as in July, we just may have a little shindig/event/class with speakers, projects, and more! if you might want to sign-up.... it'll either be one, or two, days....

As for the old studio, JUST before I moved, The Boston Globe came out and did a little photo session/article.... I do miss that place, but the new studio certainly has its advantages!

Hey, by the way, I also have a BRAND NEW book out in about two months- one you can already pre-order on and elsewhere.... its called "Microshelters" and showcases 57 cabins, tiny houses, tree houses, forts, and more- with six full-out plan sets in the book too!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tiny Art Cabin/Tiny House on Display in CT Art Gallery through June...

Hey, if you haven't checked out one of our recent builds/videos, here it is! 
This "Art Studio Cabin" is something we collectively built as a workshop group (Our Putnam, CT "Tiny House Building Workshop") in May inside an art gallery called "The Empty Spaces Project".

This little cabin is now on display in this great little gallery, so swing on by Main St. in Putnam, CT and check it out! 

Miss the workshop? Well, we have a bigger and better one coming up! 
"Tiny House Summer Camp 3" in Orleans, VT- THREE days of building and design, speakers, live demos, camping, bonfire discussions, and more! 

Also, our NEW book is out soon too (and no available on pre-order!)
Check it out! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Its Official! TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP 3 in Vermont- Sept. 18-20th 2015!!!

ACTUALLY BUILD THINGS!!!! Hear from speakers, see demos, camp-out, tour tiny houses and more!!!
SEPT 18th-20th (and a possible 4th day option (21st)- 2015
Orleans, VT (The Northeast Kingdom of VT)

THIS will be the thread where I start adding our speakers, sign-up info, build-projects, demo roster, camping details, and MORE! We're always adding to the roster.....and it usually ends of being OVERKILL- in a really good way!

     Dustin and I have now hosted over a dozen HANDS-ON TINY HOUSE BUILDING WORKSHOPS from Sydney, Australia, to Fargo, North Dakota and everywhere in between, and ALL of them have sold out, so don't snooze on this one! We've also hosted/designed/built for the HGTV/DIY series "Tiny House Builders", and for programs on The History Channel, and beyond.

     The workshop, which includes building materials, packets, a camping space, and more, is $399 for the THREE day course (its well over 30 contact hours of building and design). A Fourth day option might be available for $95 more." target="ej_ejc" class="ec_ejc_thkbx" onClick="javascript:return EJEJC_lc(this);"><img src="" border="0" alt="Add to Cart"/></a><a href="" target="ej_ejc" class="ec_ejc_thkbx" onClick="javascript:return EJEJC_lc(this);"><img src=""

Below, one of EIGHT cabins on the premises in Orleans, VT

We will have an instructor and pro for every FOUR attendees. Good luck finding that ratio anywhere else! And again, WE ACTUALLY BUILD THINGS!

Furthermore, the hiking and fishing in the area is great and we're close to covered bridges, quaint general stores, and some of the cleaner lakes in the entire US!

TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP is THE BEST and BIGGEST (though still small at only 40 students) workshop we do, and combines ACTUAL building, with demos, tiny house tours, camping, live music, and more! Better yet, the setting is TEN off-grid acres in Northern Vermont, with EIGHT shelters/cabins in the woods (many of which guests will have a chance to stay in).

(Below, from out HANDS-ON workshop in Australia)

Never stayed in a rustic log cabin? Never cooked by a fire? Never built a tree house? Never spent a night in a tree house? Never built anything? Want know-how on framing, roofing, siding, and all-things design? Tricks of the trade?
Well, here's your super-fun crash course in ALL of that- and for ALL levels of building.

Our workshops are very eclectic, fun, and packed with projects! We've had MANY people re-take our workshops just for the hang-out/goodtimes aspect of it. We also mixed in collaborative art projects with our builds too!

There's SO MUCH going on, and so much to see, that we hand you a MAP of the premises when you arrive. That pretty much sums it up!

This workshop will be three days long, with a possible add-on FOURTH day, for those interested.

WE WILL have a NEW tiny house come visit- one from Laurie's Certified Construction in Colchester, VT- one I designed. And more....
Check out our video tour below....

MUCH MORE to be announced! Believe me, it'll be overkill, so don't fall asleep at the wheel, and register before its sold out. It WILL sell out.

And HERE is something we built in three days as a group at our last workshop in CT! 

AND we built this shelter-as-art piece in FARGO, ND with another group in just TWO days.....

And we designed and built THIS, in Sydney Australia in three days.....

AND, a video clip from one of our musical performers last year- Milwaukee's King Courteen. This was shot on the trails on our property (it gives you a feel of the landscape)

Here's a little video on the FIRST "Tiny House Summer Camp" we did in 2012.... video by Jon Kalish....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

NOTE: Refunds: Up until 5 weeks before the workshop, you get a full refund, After that point, there are no refunds, but you will get a rain check for a future workshop in trade, so that you aren't out the fee. Most workshops do not do this and just don't give you a refund- period. We want to make sure that should you not be able to make it for whatever reason, and you let us know before 5 weeks prior to the workshop date, that you are able to use your credit for another future workshop.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Power of Bartering- from a DUMPSTER find to a pimpin' 50s lamp! is not only about tiny houses, tree houses, and small shelters, but about DIY design, repurposing, dumpster diving, and all around funky decor...... and that's where this mini post comes in....

The good ole power of trading/bartering. I was cleaning out my SOWA market booth in Boston today and had a huge 1970s metal laundry cart that I didn't want to carry and tie to my van roof (I found it in a dumpster, but it WAS pretty nice/cool). 

Well, I had been eyeing this really ugly/funky/dated lamp in another booth and almost pulled the trigger on buying it (he was asking $85- I would have offered less), so instead I ask if the guy was interested in the cart and wanted to trade? 

Well, here's a shot of it in its new home- my studio. Hells yeah! (this dude "Pete" at the SOWA Vintage Market has the best booth- a great eye for funky stuff, and he repurposes furniture in very creative ways too). Look for the big dude with the beard....

Anyway, this will be yet another odd lamp that will illuminate my studio's front windows at night..... 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen