Saturday, April 5, 2014

Deek's New $400 TREE HOUSE Office (plans in the works)- SUPER SIMPLE….

SIMPLICITY is the whole point of this one, much like my plan sets for "The Transforming A-frame", and "The Dart" (coming soon).

This video shows phase one of a very affordable project I'm currently working on. NO, its not a tiny house, although I'm sure we'll still get plenty of comments on fb saying "There's no bathroom, so its not a tiny house", even though I've gone so far as to state that clearly- lol.

This is just a simple, small cabin, or shed- something that could be used as a backyard office, play space,  guest sleeper, green house, mobile camper, OR….a simple tree house or tree house office….

The video pretty much explains it all….

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Build a FREE WINDOW green house with Trampoline Parts???

Thanks to our guest video-blogger Patrick Danforth who sent us this little video tour/clip to air….

Patrick built two green houses with a wealth of free, curbside, friend-gifted, second-hand, window sashes and sliders, and one of them relies heavily on a junked trampoline frame as its structure.

They're not gorgeous, but are funky, cool, thrifty, and smart in their own right…..

You can check out more of Patrick's videos too, at….

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Coolest Recycled-Lighting EVER???? Drum Set Ceiling Lights

Check this out, all you drum nerds…. something I stumbled upon on I can't find the initial source, as its been shared so many times, but whoever it is, I salute you! Such a cool, great-looking project!

Just another great example of thinking outside the box when designing and decorating your home, office, or retreat….

Monday, March 31, 2014

"The Bread Box" Modern Cabin- A mini hobby shack, art studio, or tree house??

Here's a VIDEO TOUR look at the completed "BREAD BOX" cabin- one I designed, but that our workshop class (back in November 2013 in MA) worked on. I later finished the cabin up, painted and stained it, and decked it out a bit, and here she is!

This little cabin (not dubbed a "tiny house", for the record), could be used as a hobby shack, backyard office, green house, shed, playhouse, or even tossed up on a platform in a tree to make a really cool, modern, tree house….

Either way, we might have plan sets to build this tiny cabin down the road, and here's a video walk through….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A 24 square foot backyard, mobile office (with TREE HOUSE potential)

So it begins….

The title pretty much sums this one up….
Here's the very early beginning of my A.D.D. in full effect. In other words, while I should be finishing three other cabins for photo shoots for my next upcoming tiny house and cabin book, I'm building a fourth mini structure on the side. Hey, at least I'm having a hell of a lot of fun doing it though!

We'll have a plan set for this one down the road, and the idea is that its portable, incredibly easy to build, and VERY affordable!

It doesn't look like anything now, but what I have in mind will be very fun! And who knows, we just might toss this sucker in a tree atop a small platform. The future aerial offices of

Its only framed with two-by-threes as well- as a structure this small doesn't need anything more. The base? It will be a full sheet of high grade Poplar plywood…. polyurethaned to look really nice!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

FIVE Dream Cabins Made Out Of Recycled Junk

The Sierra Club's blog (one I love!) recently posted this great little article on their favorite tiny cabins or shacks (getaways, or even potential tiny houses), and I was thrilled to have one of my own designs and cabins picked as a favorite.

Check out this great little article here!

Also featured, and shown below, is "The Sunset Cabin"- one featured in my upcoming book on micro homes, shacks, cabins, and tree houses…. out in 2015.

-Derek "Deek' Diedricksen

Friday, March 28, 2014

This DIY TIny House/Cabin wall art OPENS BEER!?

Alright, so I got quite a few emails from my last post on "The Bread Box" tiny cabin that we built at a hands-on workshop last year. Most were asking about the large art piece on the back wall, so here's a close-up, and a little info on it….
       Its also for sale… kidcedar at 

Anyway… (and I'll have a short video soon)
-It opens beer, via the cast iron, blue-bears mouth
-Yes, the propeller spins….
-It has a recycled industrial hook on it (to potentially hang a hat, keys (if by a front door), headphones, etc)
-No, the dinosaur isn't real
-The top of the art piece has a lipped shelf (you can't really see the colored glass bottles on it that well in this photo)
-The bottom lip offers storage for small trinkets as well….
-The back base is ALL cedar, and smells pretty darn nice!
-The scraps are from numerous cabins and projects I've done over the years for magazines, Make TV, HGTV, and beyond…. in essence, its made from numerous pieces of most of the cabins I've built and designed!

If you missed some other weird (and for sale too) art of mine…. here's a semi-recent video….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sneak peak of a more MODERN tiny art studio/cabin/shed….

"The Bread Box" Micro Cabin/Studio…. 

Interior of "The Bread Box"- scrap art piece is for sale too...

Here's a quick interior photo update of part of the interior of a cabin I just completed (one started as a group project with my last hands-on workshop in MA (2013)). This was one of two cabins we cobbled together- using a decent amount of recycled materials too, and its only 6' by 8', and 8' tall, but could be easily used as a small art studio, music rehearsal space, shed, green house, or camp cabin. 

Its for sale too- more photos soon, or check to see more…. 
Asking price is $2500- it features poplar walls, cedar and pine planking, antique flooring (about 100 years old), a large 36" door, and a HUGE front window- 4' by 6' that is double-paned. Part of the roof is clear as well (Tuftex polycarbonate roofing- ). It would need to be pulled onto a flat bed truck, or hauled by a shed mover- its tiny though, so it'd be easy, or affordable enough. 

This is not meant to be, nor is it dubbed, a "Tiny house" for the record, it would make a nice, fun, tiny vacation cabin, or camping spot in the woods though! 

kidcedar at if interested. A large chunk of the proceeds will also go to benefit an Alzheimer's research foundation. 

ALSO, Steven Harrell over at will have the FULL spread of photos on this soon… so keep checking his site. 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jay Shafer's new SMALLEST design? Stilt House Meets Tree House

"Deek and Jay Shafer Collaborate on A Small, Affordable, Whimsical, Backpackers Retreat Cabin"

For more on Jay Shafer, check out

So, here's one Jay and I schemed up just for fun- my upcoming book, among many "more sizable" structures, will also have a full plan set on this, alongside cabin plan sets from….

Will Yount of
Holly Gomez of
Matt Wolpe of
Sage Rad of www.GypsyLiving.Org
and Myself (another solo design- with architectural help from Sean Carey) 


THE BACKSTORY…. (explanatory rough excerpt from the book)

“The Pouting Shed” aka “The Stilted Sleeper”- Jay Shafer with Deek Diedricksen
The “Stilted Sleeper” stands as the only collaboration plan set in this book, and one between myself, and friend, Jay Shafer of Sebastopol, CA. Shafer’s name is one well known in the small structure community, and he’s often been attributed to being a key founder of the modern tiny house movement- and for good reason. Jay has lived in a tiny house, has built and designed tiny houses, currently lives in a very small home with his family of four, and has taught well over a hundred building and design workshops nationwide. He knows his stuff and lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes. small structures, as do I. Its for this reason, and seeing as our background and tastes/styles are so very different, that we thought a team up design might be fun- “lets just see what happens”. There is actually a youtube video, speed-sketching and all, of the thought process, off-the-cuff, that went behind this little shelter under the title “Jay Shafer and Deek’s Stilt Cabin/Tree House”.  Check it out if you ever have the chance, it’ll add some more insight into things.                                                                                                        Basically, to break this down into a simple story, Jay, a pro in simplicity and efficiency, had been wanting to build a series of tiny, tiny, cubby-like single sleeping sheds, that could all be dispersed on a property for guests and friends. These would cost close to nothing to build, and would be erected without much time or effort. Myself, having built many similar, tiny, single sleepers or “escape pods” for reading, meditating, or as offices, jumped in and thought, “I love it, but lets make it a tad more out-there, fun, and whimsical- yet still on a meager budget”. The resulting team-up, is a stilted cabin, whereupon, the under-belly area can now be used as covered shelter for food-preparation, sitting, staying out of the sun or rain, or even as a parking spot for a full out picnic table. By lofting this simple gabled micro hut, we’ve now enhanced its window views, created a bit more privacy through its height, and have added potential safety from animals in the woods (and their damage to a structure while not attended). The only downside is that the structure now has to be entered by climbing a ladded, or steps, but we felt that disadvantage outweighed the other benefits. Additionally, aside from a built-in bench (facing a campfire perhaps) that could be added between the pressure treated stilts, this cabin's backside is also laden with storage shelves, and a back wall of Tuftex polycarbonate roofing as a windbreak, which also (as its hinged) flips up, and becomes and extended covered area. Its dang simple, but would work well and more than double your shaded workspace
Also, if you missed one of our recent videos on a plan-set that we're now offering, here it is….
Thanks to Joe Everson from for his help with this too!  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dr. Solar's Bicycle-Powered Medicine Show….

Not tiny housing, but again, this site is also about repurposing, the diy ethic, and living a simpler life, and I love the though behind that this guy is doing!

Here's some background on a recent entry of his…
Check out his Facebook page and "like" him at:

When gas hit $5.00 a gallon under the last administration. I knew there had to be a better way. Now, I did not have any $30,000-40,000 for an electric car, which is so like grid tied, so I looked back in time. My retro styled drayage truckcab on this tricycle that I installed a Crystalite bike motor came about and it immediately cut my need to consume gas on so many of my short run forays, post office, hardware store, grocery store, etc. 15-18 miles on a charge, 15-18 miles per hour. No insurance, no DMV, no petro chemicals. I charge it with my World's First Solar Powered Theatre roof top array. And, it is all tax deductible. Why settle for a portion of a tax write off? Remember, off the grid.

Dr. Solar