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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A fully insulated 12' by 20' Tiny House for $19K? Video Tour….

Check this one out! This is ONE of about 6/7 tiny houses and cabins we got to tour (my brother, Dustin, and I) late last year at The Jamaica Cottage Shop in South Londonderry, VT. Cottage honcho Domenic Mangano gave us about an hour long tour of his facility, and we filmed the experience- which we'll post soon (the full, long, video). Meanwhile, here's a cool snippet of one of the tiny houses we got to check out- a fully assembled cabin, insulated, with great head room, and a 4' by 12' front porch. Its got GREAT potential for a tiny house with the simple addition of a composting toilet and shower, and some divisional wall work. For 19k, just about everything is already done for you.

As he puts it, "We deliver it, and you can sleep in it that very night".

Check them out at 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hide Your Tiny House In A Shed? Check out this "Micro Man Cave"

This is a video simply showing my mini backyard man cave, one hidden inside an ugly shed, but it made me think more on "Why not just build a clandestine, nice looking, tiny dwelling/tiny house, within a not-so-hot-looking shed"? Its been done many times, and while not all that legal in most areas, it MIGHT be something that would fly elsewhere- or perhaps you just don't care to follow the rules…. that's all up to you, not I….

Food for thought….

Also, we had two spots open up at our sold out Tiny House Summer Camp 2 Workshop August 15-18th in Orleans, VT…. if you might be interested, email me ASAP at kidcedar at….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A tiny house/study pod for an NYU Professor….on wheels

     So here's something I recently finished…. a custom job for an NYU professor, who plans on parking this (its on wheels) near a pond on his cabin property in New Jersey, where he can read, and grade papers. Its not a house, but more a study pod (yet big enough to sleep two), and sits at about 4.5' by 7'- and 5.5' tall. The back is cobbled together with recycled scrap wood from my projects over the years (I save, then use, EVERYTHING). The front smoky/translucent wall is made from polycarbonate roofing called "Tuftex" (, and the floor is polyurethaned bead-board wood taken from a 100 year old home.

I'd love to make another similar-ish one at some point if anyone is ever interested in hiring me to make one too- kidcedar at This one, painted, stained, and with a big ole double-pane window on the side, not to mention the brand new Ondura recycled-material roofing, was $1600.00

Oh yeah, the whole front wall flips open!


Anyway, here's a few shots of it- and for our TREE HOUSE BUILDING WORKSHOP (12 hour hands-on project/course) this sunday July 13th (STILL TWO SLOTS- kidcedar at, we're going to be building something in the vein/style of this- but up in a tree, or course! See the flyer below….

Here's The Tree House Workshop (Dover, NH) Flyer….

Friday, July 4, 2014

A funky, mid century modern lamp for $1.00 for my tiny house/studio!?

Yup, homemade, but has that throwback look…. $1.00 from a dollar store, with an Ikea lighting kit (which I already had from an old project (they cost $6.00 new)). Its a hokey hanging lamp, but has a fun look, and, well, the price is certainly right.

I might use this one for the dino-themed tree house that we'll collectively build at our HANDS-ON Tree House Building Workshop in Dover, NH next weekend- Sunday, July 13th. Still some room left.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Bizarre Salvaged Architecture- A WALL of doors from the past….

LOVE this- LOVE it! And its made entirely from cast-off doors! This is the work of Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek for an Amsterdam residential project
Eek (as reported by covered the foyer’s walls with salvaged doors to “preserve the memory of the buildings that were torn down” to make way for residential development. 
If you're into salvage construction- we DO have a few slots left in this SUPER-INTIMATE, one day, 12 hour, Tree House Building Workshop in New England- Dover NH- July 13th- 2013. We're going to build something pretty WILD- and yes, use quite a bit of salvaged materials! Email me at kidcedar at if interested….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Monday, June 30, 2014

TREE HOUSE (hands-on) BUILDING WORKSHOP in Dover, NH- July 13th, 2014

I've built SO MANY funky and unique tree houses for clients that I felt it was about time to do a mini-workshop (all hands-on) on building and designing them- and I mean MINI. This workshop will be limited to a mere EIGHT people, and that's it! This will keep it very intimate and ensure that everyone gets a very large amount of actual building and construction contact- there's no quicker way to learn. We'll mix in a healthy dose of tiny house design as well- don't worry!

Its a 12 hour class- one day, in a great NH town. Our guest builder/designer is a guy named Phil LaPlante- from he's a salvage and backwoods building junkie!

If interested- paypal the registration fee to the account-

Any questions- email me at kidcedar at too….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Micro Pond-Side Reading Pod/Cabin for an NYU Professor…

Here's another update of the tiny "pod on wheels" I've been working on. Its made from a huge percentage of recycled and salvaged materials and once its done I'll show you the final interior, and more….

Its long enough and wide enough to sleep two, weekend-style, about 7' 6" long, and close to 6' high. The back wall is VERY wild/colorful too….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Monday, June 2, 2014


Check out these babies! All made from freebie pallet wood- and they look so great! I have stacks of pine, oak, and fir pallets awaiting in Vermont at my camp, where we'll get quite creative with them in our tiny house and cabin builds as part of "Tiny House Summer Camp 2"- August 15-18th, 2014. Beyond that, I have mountains of other lumber, plywood, hardware, and more- all waiting to be crafted into funky shelters, tree houses, and cabins! Don't miss this event! Its fully hands-on!

This one also mixes in other recycled stock, but its the same idea and approach (from



-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Friday, May 30, 2014

Make this SIMPLE Wooden Spool Table For Your Home/Cabin

Make this great Wooden Spool Table For Under $20.00

As a good many of you readers know, I'm a salvage junky- I love finding discarded items and making them into something else, and even flipping them for profit (if I'm not using them for tiny house decor) in my own home, or the tiny houses and cabins I build). Anyway, I recently came across a great, sizable wooden cable spool, and plan on making one of these cool little tables, but perhaps one inset with some potted plants, or a bowl for odds n' ends.

Wooden spools, if you look, can often be found for free. Legs like these (vintage mid-century modern hairpin legs) can affordably be ordered on ebay or amazon, and Ikea has a large selection of metal table legs too- some as reasonable as only $3 each. Of course you could make your own wooden legs as well, or use pipe fittings- which works great!

The table shown above uses both halves (circles) of a disassembled spool, which were then screwed and glued together, sanded, and polyurethaned. The polyurethane isn't necessary, but gives it a nice shine.

As for my spool, I'm not going to double it up, because I want to save the other half. Along with a mountain of lumber and weird salvaged items I've amassed, we'll be using it for something creative- alongside THREE hands-on cabin/tiny house builds in Vermont this August! This workshop's been filling up quickly, and its going to be GREAT! FOUR DAYS of wild creativity, fun, and camping!

Photos from

Friday, May 23, 2014

Build a decorative window wall with booze and beer bottles??

Old jars, beer bottles, soda bottles, wine and liquor bottles- save 'em all… the more colorful the better too…

Want some blue mixed into that wall? Suck down some Luna de Luna wine. A little brown? Toss in some budweiser bottles. Green? Yuengling works… and so on. Again, jars, and even yard sale vases work well too.

HOW? Frame out a wooden border, lay the bottles as you'd like them, and pour in some concrete (ideally a kind with a binding additive). Then, once hard enough to remove the frame safely, do so, and wipe any of the concrete/grout haze from the exposed surfaces of the bottles. Then frame this piece into a wall as you would a window- although, being much heavier, it will need additional framing support…

(photo from